Thursday, December 16, 2010

My bio for the Mark E. Walker music project

At long last, I have finished my bio for the Mark E. Walker website. I am the social media specialist for the team. This bio seemed to take forever. Imagine that, me not knowing what to say about myself! Who knows, you might learn something about me at the same time!

Mark "Tiki" Woods
Media Specialist

Mark Woods, aka TikiTender, is the social media specialist of the Mark E. Walker team. In the words of musician David Lane, “Tiki keeps people relevant”. If you find a new and exciting social network, chances are Tiki is already there. Terminally connected, Mark keeps several restaurants, musicians, and even the city of Flagler Beach on the minds of people in Florida and beyond via Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, website development, and more.

The story of Tiki's journey from Juvenile Corrections Officer to being named Florida's Favorite Bartender 3 times running could have been plucked out of a Jimmy Buffett song. While working at a juvenile detention center in his home state of Missouri, Mark decided a few weeks in the sun would do him some good. According to legend, he came to Flagler Beach, Florida on vacation and never went back. When asked about this story, Mark just grins and says “Something like that.” Truth or legend, Tiki found his home in the little town next to the Atlantic. Since landing here in February of 1996 Mark has worked at golf resorts, a golf vacation company, and bars. He claims to feel like he has been on vacation for 15 years. Anyone who has encountered his fun-loving personality and easy charm would agree. It was while working in a poolside tiki bar that Mark received his nickname. TikiTender has since become known nationwide . He has appeared in several local newspaper articles, regional entertainment magazines, and local radio shows. Most notably, he was featured in a Daytona News-Journal article about twitter alongside Oprah Winfrey and President Obama. In the past few years, Tiki's reach has been extended well outside of Flagler County. He has appeared in columns in the Omaha World Herald and is a regular guest on the Island Time Radio Show based out of Berea, OH. Island Time Radio is a trop-rock music program that streams worldwide via the internet. Tiki makes regular contributions via phone from the deck of the Golden Lion Cafe (his bartending home since 2005) in Flagler Beach. In his segments Tiki talks music, cocktails, and Flagler Beach news. If you meet Tiki in person you will likely have the time of your life. Besides that, you will probably be envious of his really cool tropical shirts. Of the many benefits of his online presence, by far one of his favorites is having a clothing sponsor. That's right, a bartender with a clothing deal. Tiki is the official bartender of Mad Gringo Clothing, based in Omaha, Nebraska. It all started with a stranger walking up to his bar and saying “Aren't you that TikiTender guy from Myspace?”

Tiki is part of the Mark E. Walker team because of his social media & promotions expertise, but he is no stranger to music. As a pup, he was a classically trained tenor. His first public performance was as a 4 year old in his grandmother's church. He went on to honors in music theater, vocals, and as a trombone player. His vocal chops earned him the opportunity to begin college on a vocal performance scholarship at Baker University in Kansas. But, as he puts it, “that was many late nights and cigarettes ago.” Stage presence is stage presence, though. You will still find Tiki spreading good times from the karaoke stage at local clubs. He is very involved with the local music scene, to the point of launching a now defunct music showcase website, “Even though the site folded, I learned a lot about music promotions”, he said when asked about the site.

“I'm very excited to be part of the Mark E. Walker team,” says Tiki. “I am approached on a daily basis by people wanting me to help promote this or that. Mark E. Walker is the real deal. I can't wait to be part of his success.”

Find out more about the “Purveyor of Good Times” at

So glad to have it over! :-D Aloha nui loa, Tiki
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