Friday, March 25, 2011

Guest Blog Post For Pat Croce's Rum Barrel in Key West

Check out this guest blog posting for Pat Croce's Rum Barrel in Key West. Launched in 2006 by former Philadelphia 76ers President Pat Croce, the Rum Barrel evokes the aura of a 17th-century pirate hangout. This southernmost Philly sports bar is the local hotspot for all things Philly.

Get That Blender Away From My Daiquiri

Today's guest blog is from Mark Woods a.k.a. Tikitender. Mark is Florida's 4-time Favorite Bartender, a social media maven, and principal bartender at The Golden Lion Cafe in Flagler Beach, Fla. Also, he rocks.

I once read about a bar owner who had a simple interview process for potential employees. He'd simply say, "Go behind the bar and make me a martini." If the applicant reached for a bottle of vodka, the interview was over...

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