Thursday, July 28, 2011

Training Minute: One ID, One Drink

It doesn't happen often at my bar, but it happened Monday night. A relatively slow bar night, but the upper deck was jamming. A young guy approached me and asked for a double Jim Beam® and Coke®. "No problem", I said. "May I see ID?" He pulled out his ID, no problem. As I was pouring I heard him saying "Let's see, what else do I want?" I asked him who the other drink was for. He answered "Oh it's for my friend upstairs." When I asked for a second ID he said "Oh she's already drinking." I stood my ground and said "Sorry, I need to see her ID too." He said "I will just order upstairs" and paid for his drink.

I can't say for certain, but what probably happened is the girl tried to order from the server. The server probably asked to see ID and refused service. So the crafty young gentleman tried to get a drink from me. SHUT DOWN! DENIED!

Technically speaking, if I did sell him a drink and he in turn handed it over to a minor, HE would be in violation of the law. But, squeaking by on a technicality does not make it RESPONSIBLE of me as a vendor. It also wouldn't protect me or my restaurant from being found negligent.