Sunday, October 30, 2011

Join me and be part of the show at the Palm Coast Seafood Festival!

Join me on stage at the Palm Coast Seafood Festival (details below).   I will be playing the role of the nightclub bartender (I think I was typecast).   *Please note, there will be no actual drinking or even liquid in the cups.  Ice and /or water on a dance stage is not as fun as you might think*
Get in touch with me and/or Vern or simply show up as stated below.   Let's show Palm Coast how to party!


This is an open invitation to you and all of your friends that like to dance. We are looking for party goers able to dance as if you are at a nightclub or dance party. (Just open dancing, no practice, rehearsals or formal experience neccessary)
We are creating a nightclub atmosphere for a show onstage next Saturday, November 5th at 4:30 pm at The Palm Coast Seafood Festival.

We are asking all participants to arrive wearing black & white clothing and dance on stage for about an hour for artist Mark E Walker of C+C Music Factory *Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) video and Stevie B.* Spring Love fame.

Mark is performing on the main stage at 5pm and we are going to fill up the stage with people to create our "nightclub". Songs will be pop and hip hop like Chris Brown, Taio Cruz, C+C Music Factory, Usher etc. and of course Mark's originals.

They're predicting a decent sized crowd at the show and we're trying to fill the stage up with people that like to dance.

Send this info out to anyone online that just wants to get up on stage in the spotlight for about an hour. (both girls and guys)

Contact Vern Shank at Pyramid Music Productions (Music Label & Artist Management) 386-258-8877 or or show up at 4:00pm at The Town Center Palm Coast Seafood Festival (Saturday, Nov 5th) wearing black and white attire and ask for Vern at the main stage. You'll get a free hat and some Mark E. Walker music.

Mark E. Walker, along with David Lane, are both managed by Pyramid Music Productions.    Show support for local talent (including your favorite bartender / social media specialist), by coming to the show and / or spreading the word.   David Lane will take the stage with a full band including Evan Foster of the Seattle-based Boss Martians and Jim Sinex of Daytona's Finding Ivy.    David will be on stage from 3:00-4:30 and Mark E. Walker will follow him from 5:00-6:30.