Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Drink Recipe: Smiling Amy

A semi regular customer was in over the weekend at the Tiki Bar.   She initially ordered a margarita, then asked me to make her something with the bottle of Cruzan® Mango rum she spotted on the shelf.  Since her first impulse was a margarita, stayed with the tart and came up with what we named the "Smiling Amy".   I'm happy to add Amy to my list of personalized drinks because she is a Red Sox fan, which is the next best thing to being a Cubs fan!

Smiling Amy©
1 oz Cruzan® Mango rum
1 oz Cruzan® Citrus rum
1 oz sour mix
splash grenadine
club soda to balance

Build over ice, garnish with a cherry,  and watch Amy smile.  

Smiling Amy (left) on a previous visit to the Golden Lion

Until next time, drink responsibly mon.